SEO Services

I offer a broad range of digital marketing services. Take a look below or contact me directly to get a personalized offer!

SEO Audit

Comprehensive document with all the recommendations for your website to shine in the search results and attract more visitors. Absolutely fundamental for any website that hasn’t been optimized before.

SEO audit focuses on the following areas of the website:

  • Metatags
  • Site & URL structure
  • Internal linking
  • Content quality
  • Indexation
  • Pagespeed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Backlinks & Site authority
  • Site-specific issues

SEO Consulting

Do you need a new SEO strategy for the next year? Or there is a specific technical problem you seek support with. Maybe you wish to upskill your team and organize a custom SEO workshop. I’m happy to help you with these matters!

I’m open to different forms of cooperation. The most common are:

  • Online consulting
  • Temporary employment to help you establish a new website or project (remote or on-site)
  • Helping agencies with tricky client questions
  • Managing an SEO or a Content agency on your company’s behalf
  • SEO trainings (individual or group)

All-Around SEO Service

A full package and long-term cooperation aimed to build and execute a rock-solid SEO game plan for your website. This consist of a content strategy, keyword research, technical audit, link building, active searching for opportunities, visibility monitoring, reporting and more depending on your needs.

I can either support your SEO Manager or act as one and take care of the whole organic search channel.

SEO Copywriting

High-quality content plays a key role in every SEO strategy. I advise on how to write well-optimised content, but also offer professional SEO copywriting services so you can fully outsource the content creation process. I cooperate with native SEO copywriters in PL, NL and UK and am working on expanding into new languages.

Reach out to me to learn what languages are currently available.

Visibility monitoring & reporting

Continuous tracking of your website’s SEO visibility based on meticulous keyword research. Utilizing powerful SEO tools to meet your business objectives and allow you to make data-driven decisions. 

SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Knowing where you and your competition stand is essential to planning and optimizing.

Keyword research

Have you run out of ideas for the next blog post? Or you just started a new website, and want to know what keywords are the most relevant in your industry? Knowing what your target audience is searching for in Google gives you a great advantage and speeds up SEO efforts dramatically. 

With a help of powerful SEO databases and tools I can help you reveal these secrets now!

Still not sure what you need?

Let me make a personalized offer that suits your business the best!